The inspiration for this Wisdom comes from a quote I received from a team member:

“”If you can’t feed a team with two pizzas, the size of the team is too large.””
–Jeff Bezos, chairman, CEO, and founder,

Creating a team by today’s business standards is crucial. You’ve heard me time after time talk about getting your employees involved in your marketing. Delegating is the number one skill in growing your business. You can’t do it all by yourself, so you need to create a team or groups of teams to accomplish the common goal for the company.

The above quote moved me to action nspiration middag because I have seen confusion and disorder when decisions are made by large committees. The quote certainly doesn’t refer to the number of employees you have, it simply refers to the particular group of folks that you determine are your core team.

Democracy is great. The diversity we need in order to create incredible teams can only happen in our democratic environment. I was just talking with my good friend Robert, another great marketer in my circle. He said, “The reason countries under dictatorships don’t grow and mature is because of their structure. They limit the amount of people who can contribute to great ideas. If you disagree with the dictator, you’re fired or even worse.”

Our country cultivates maximum diversity. We have resources from different ethnic influences, men and women, various religious backgrounds, seniors and youths, wisdom from experience or good ole common sense?we have a wealth of diverse resources. Diversity creates strong leadership and that’s vital to the core growth in this country and in any business.

The simple message is this: as Jim Collins says, you need to get the right people in the right seats on the bus. Furthermore, you need to welcome diversity and differences of opinion so that members feel open to share ideas. Keep the group focused on the common goal and help them make it personal. You simply cannot have fifty core people. Alienation will develop in a group that big. Instead, create subgroups and watch communication flow to every cell of the organization.

Thanks, Robert, for stimulating this conversation that seems so basic yet reminds us of the importance of diversity and what makes this country so great!

Joe Kiedinger is Brander in Chief of Prophit Marketing, a unique and vision-driven marketing organization that helps small to medium-sized business succeed by adhereing to the Prophit Marketing System. The Prophit Marketing System is a process based approach that combines corporate culture with strategy and finally advertising. The emphasis starts with leadership and flows from there. Joe’s message has been heard by many through his unique Prophit Marketing Road Show, an entertaining informative presentation that leaves audiences with an action plan for success. Joe also authors Wisdom on Wednesday, a weekly email newlsetter which will enlighten and challenge you to get the most out of your marketing efforts.