No one can deny the importance of a proper travel insurance plan, which covers cancellations, medical expenses and other sorts of losses that a traveler may face during their trip. Insurance plans can be selected to cover your national vacation trip or you may choose an insurance that covers your international travel plans. There insurances can be classified in terms of duration of our trip. On the basis of the duration of your travel and foreign stay, this type of insurance can be divided in three types:

* Single trip,
* Multi-trip and
* Long stay or Annual

Single trip insurances are for those people who are not regular travelers. Many prefer to stay at their home during the vacation while exploring and enjoying the local picnic, spots and scenic sites. Yet, anyone can face situations where this type of insurance may become necessary. For such instances, single trip travel insurance is best.

Multi-trip insurance are for those people who are frequent travelers. Some people remain in such profession that requires them to travel frequently. On the other hand, there are people who regularly choose to go on leisure vacation trips. Such people may choose the Multi-trip travel insurance.

Long-stay travel insurance programs are specifically meant for those travelers who travel to exotic places and remain there for longer periods. Some people travel for their sabbatical leaves for educational researches, some people tour to explore their business prospects in a new country or region. Some tourists may choose to stay for a month or for a year at their travel destination and for such travelers; long-stay travel insurance is the best option.

Travel insurance helps you to manage your travelling plans and they ensure your safety and health during the vacation trip. Travel insurance is a safety cover for cancellation charges, luggage and personal belonging, health issues and well being and financial investments. Furthermore, proper insurance for your vacation trip also ensures peace of mind for you as a traveler.