The question of whether an online certification course will be good for students has been a topic of debate for years, but how about the teachers? One of the considerations that can be looked at would be how much would a professor make teaching online. The answer can be a lot more complicated.

Several factors will impact a professors’ compensation by deciding to teach online. Educational background, degree, complere my webassign homework experience, certification, and even region will be deciding factors for a teacher’s salary to be determined. What will interest professors though, is that rates for traditional classroom teachers and online teachers would roughly be the same.

In looking at certification for hiring professors, majority of colleges and universities require that their faculty would be doctoral degree holders. Some schools would offer premiums to doctorates by as much as 200-500 USD per course completed. This can be substantial even to online professors.

Experience also plays a huge role in assessing a professor’s salary. Most universities would lean more towards teachers with previous experience, including teaching online classes. The number of years however, varies from one school to another, depending on the availability and demand of the student population. Aside from that, the college level is also one deciding factor to determine salaries. For example, a professor for a master’s degree may earn better than someone teaching for an undergraduate course.

Certain courses need more professors than the others. Typically, courses in medicine, nursing and education would entail more teachers and consequently, more competition. A significant premium is provided to those professors who accept offers from these courses to help them get hired for their programs.

Depending on the region and location, compensation and benefits may vary to from one school to another. The variation in pay scales is largely attributed to the cost of living in the city. Certain areas that are less urban may provide a lower compensation package than someone who lives in Los Angeles, CA or New York City. Costs around rent, transportation, utilities and other establishments may be a consideration for deciding on the professors’ salaries.

A professor who decides to work on online classes may reap its benefits, especially if he is also tied up with other responsibilities. One major advantage for these professors is the ability to be employed virtually and teach online classes to various universities. It will be a matter of availability, preference and skill that will help determine how much money an online class professor will make in this regard.