Imagine the rays of the sun warming your face, your skin, your entire Be-ing. Imagine the warmth begin within, in your heart center, radiating outward casting a soft yellow glow all around you. Are you willing to release ideas, patterns of thinking which no longer serve your highest and best good? Are you willing to move past that which is behind you? Are you willing to step one foot in front of the other, knowing you are about to step beyond all you have ever known?

Galgaliel is thee Angel of Vibration Sol och värme assisting you, when called upon, to move through barriers. Barriers are self-made. They are also placed upon us by well intentioned friends, family, and even to some extent passers-by. Barriers are often times cultural, passed from one generation to the next. Keep that which resonates within, discarding that which no longer resonates. Vibrations within are the breaking up of that which is unwanted and of Spiritual Expansion. Barriers can at times protect us from the unknown. They can also hinder our own exploration into the unknown, expanding our consciousness.

A Message from Galgaliel
Beloved child of light, what is it you seek? Do you seek that which would see you through the darkness until the day dawns yet again? Do you seek the light within, shining along the path before you? Do you seek contentment, reassurance all is well? Does not the Sun rise to greet yet another dawn? Does not the Sun reach through the storms to once again warm the Earth? Take comfort, all is well. Take comfort all is as it should be in this moment. Fear not, for the next moment brings the gift of choice. Warm yourself in the mighty Sun’s energy as it travels its well worn path providing acceptance of all that has come before. Be open to all that is yet before you. Be willing to step beyond that which is familiar to you. Be willing to open your heart, your mind, you Spirit. Accept that which is, look to that which is before you.

Allow you inner self, your inner guidance to create a sense of self-confidence, a sense of self-empowerment. Follow the path before you with acceptance, strength, light, love, and warmth, moving through obstacles easily and effortlessly.

Kokabiel Star of God
Among the heavens there is no greater twinkling than that of a million stars, the Celestial Milky Way. The light of the stars in the night sky give way to the brilliance of the Spirit within. Within each of us, there is a spark of light, the light given for all to see. Do you see the spark of Divinity within you? Do you see it in others? All creatures great and small are gifted with the golden twinkling of a thousand stars.

Imagine floating among the stars, along the Milky Way. Imagine seeing the world, this Earth from the heavens above. Become a beacon in the darkness, shine brightly through the fog of indecision, thoughts of uncertainty. Experience serenity as you take time to cast your gaze at the many heavenly bodies in the night skies. There are countless stars, perhaps galaxies beyond our own.

Allow the stars to cast their light upon the path before you, illuminating all that would attempt to distract you from you chosen path.

A Message from Kokabiel
Allow the light within to shine brightly as a star among the night skies. Do not allow the ways of others to dim the light within you. In the face of adversity, close your eyes but for a moment, breathe in white light exhaling shadow and darkness. Breathe in the light of the Creator filling you with a sense of ease, a sense of peace, a sense of serenity. The night skies radiate peace and contentment, the early dawn brings yet another beginning. Be at peace, shining brightly this day.